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The application of injection molds in our daily life is very extensive. Injection molding, also known as injection molding, is a molding method that combines injection and molding. The advantages of injection molding are fast production speed, high efficiency, and automated operation. It has a wide range of colors and varieties, shapes can range from simple to complex, and sizes can range from large to small. Moreover, the size of the finished product is precise, the product can be updated easily, and it can form complex shapes. Injection molding is suitable for mass production and complex shape product processing.

Injection mold components

Injection molding components are the parts that make up the mold cavity in the specified and moving mold parts. They are usually composed of the male mold (or core), female mold, and inserts.

Injection mold gating system

The gating system is the channel through which molten plastic travels from the injection molding machine nozzle to the mold cavity, and it consists of a main runner, sub-runner, gate, and cold slug well.

Injection mold guiding mechanism

The guiding mechanism is divided into two types: guiding mechanisms between the moving mold and the fixed mold and guiding mechanisms for the ejecting mechanism. The former ensures the accuracy of the mold closing between the moving mold and the fixed mold, in order to guarantee the shape and size accuracy of the plastic part.

Injection mold ejection mechanism

The ejection mechanism is used to remove the plastic part from the mold during mold opening. It is also called the ejecting mechanism. Its structure can vary and commonly includes ejector pin ejection mechanism, stripper plate ejection mechanism, and sleeve ejection mechanism.

Injection mold lateral parting and core pulling mechanisms

When there are concave or convex holes or platforms on the plastic part, lateral male or core mold must be used to form them. Before the plastic part is pushed out, the lateral male or core mold must be removed or pulled out. The mechanism that makes the lateral male or core mold move is called the lateral core pulling mechanism.

Injection mold heating and cooling systems

In order to meet the temperature requirements of the injection molding process, the mold temperature must be controlled, so cooling systems are often installed in and around the mold, and heating elements are installed inside the mold or around it. The cooling system is usually opened in the mold with a water pipe.

Injection mold exhaust system

In order to exhaust the air in the cavity during injection molding, the exhaust system is sometimes needed. Usually, several grooves are deliberately opened on the parting surface, or the clearance between the push rod or the core and the template is used for exhaust. For small plastic parts, the exhaust can be directly done on the parting surface without additional exhaust slots.

Other parts of injection molds

Such as components used to fix, support molding parts or parts that provide positioning and limiting functions.

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