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1. The Meaning of Medical Plastic Injection Mold

Medical plastic injection is a method used to manufacture plastic or silicone components for medical purposes. Plastic or silicone components are likely to contain devices for surgical treatment or components to be placed inside the body. Every part of medical plastic injection must be absolutely aseptic. Medical plastic injection is also used to create perfectly shaped devices that can be used for medical purposes.

2. The Advantages of Medical Plastic Injection Mold

(1) Strict standards for medical injection molding

Plastic injection factory produces disposable medical machinery products mostly use high-density polyethylene and polycarbonate vinegar with the medical service levels. Because PVC has good corrosion resistance compared with stainless steel plate and PC has higher hardness, the use of medical injection molding has strict standards.

(2) The method of heat treatment controls hardness standards

In the whole process of medical plastic molding, the soft plastic injection material causes the deformation of the analysis surface, which results in the burr in the whole process of medical injection molding, so the hardness standard of this kind of plastic injection material has a higher standard.

(3) The overall design is scientific, reasonable, and accurate

Avoid that the specific position of the glue inlet and the core stability method is not reasonable. The inlet separation channel should be given overflow well according to the specific situation of products molding. Avoid the difficulty of molding products due to the closed air.

(4) High precision standard of medical injection molding processing.

In the whole process of medical plastic products mould processing, the standard analysis surface is close. Medical plastic products mould will ensure the precision of plastic injection as far as possible according to the production and processing method of the machine.

(5) Pay attention to the use of medical device injection molding and parts

A small extruder screw should be selected for medical device injection molding to ensure the precision of injection molding.

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