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Refrigerator Drawer Mold

One Refrigerator consists of many different plastic parts. Most refrigerator drawer is transparent in color, this requires high polishing refrigerator drawer mold to produce a transparent drawer, we call it mirror polishing mold. To process mirror polishing mold, we must choose corrosion-resistant steel such as S136, 2316, 2738, etc. 


High-quality Refrigerator Drawer Mold

High-quality Refrigerator Drawer Mold

To produce a high quality refrigerator drawer mold, we need to work hard on mold design and analyze injection, ejection and cooling system, if possible make mold flow analyze before mold processing. So that the refrigerator drawer can be injected balanced, without flash, sinkmark, deformation and easy demoulding. These are very important factors when making  refrigerator drawer mold and produce refrigerator drawer. Our goal is mold runs well and stable, no need to repair and keep high production efficiency, decrease the production and maintenance cost for our customers.

Basic Information for Refrigerator Drawer Mold

DescriptionRefrigerator Drawer Mold
Plastic materialPC or PS or PP
Part dimension(mm)360*250*150mm
Mould dimension(mm)450*560*450*mm
Mould weight (KG)830KG
Mould cavity&core steel2316
Nos of Cavity1
Manufacture time (day)50 days
Mould life≥1,000,000 shots
Molding cycle (S)The 40s

Hot runner mold
Mold CharacteristicsCore pulling structure
Lifter ejection from slide

Household Appliance Plastic Injection Molding Benefits

Household appliance plastics offer higher versatility and can be combined with metals to create enhanced household appliance properties, food-grade plastics have become the material of choice for many types of household appliances. Some of the advantages that home appliance injection molding companies can offer include:

  • Improved ergonomics

  • Reduced weight

  • Increased functionality

  • Lower cost

  • Safer and durable

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