Green Vitality Industry Co., Ltd.
Green Vitality Industry Co., Ltd.

Green Vitality has the knowledge and capabilities to meet any industrial die casting need. Innovative engineering is combined with design expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and stringent quality-assurance measures to offer high-quality, cost-effective die casting products and services to companies worldwide. We proudly provide die casting services to a wide range of industries, including medical, lighting, commercial equipment, telecom, recreational vehicles, and more.

Green Vitality Die Casting Capabilities

  • We have a complete mold design process and specifications, using advanced design software (such as UG, Pro-E, CAD) and scientific mold flow analysis software (flow3D).

  • We have full equipment, and the highest processing accuracy can reach ≥0.01mm.

  • We have a professional QC team, projector, CMM, and other precision measuring instruments, and 100% measurement of each part in each process processing process.

  • We provide one-stop solutions for die-casting mold design and manufacture, die-casting production, and post-die-casting processing.

Aluminum alloysLow   density
Good corrosion resistance
High thermal and electrical conductivity
High dimensional stability
Relatively easy to cast
Requires use of a cold chamber machine
Copper alloysHigh   strength and toughness
High corrosion and wear resistance
High dimensional stability
Highest cost
Low die life due to high melting temperature
Requires use of a cold chamber machine
Magnesium alloysVery   low density
High strength-to-weight ratio
Excellent machinability after casting
Use of both hot and cold chamber machines
Zinc alloysHigh   density
High ductility
Good impact strength
Excellent surface smoothness allowing for painting or plating
Requires such coating due to susceptibility to corrosion
Easiest to cast
Can form very thin walls
Long die life due to low melting point
Use of a hot chamber machine

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