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  • Teeth Tray Mould
  • Teeth Tray Mold
  • Mould Teeth Trays
  • Teeth Tray Mould

Teeth Tray Mold

A dental impression is a mold removed from a tooth to diagnose and treat dental conditions. They are also used in forensic science. Impressions are also known as dental or dental casts. Usually, impressions or mould for teeth are made in the dentist's office, although dentists may also travel to the patient or subject in exceptional circumstances due to the relative portability of the required equipment.

Know More Teeth Tray Mould

High-quality Injection Mold for Denture Impression Teeth Tray Mold

High-quality Injection Mold for Denture Impression Teeth Tray Mold

The teeth tray mould we have made is high control precision, no eccentricity, with excellent cooling system, reduced molding cycle.

Teeth Tray Mould Basic Information

Dental Plastic Mould Specification

DescriptionDenture Impression Tray Mold
Plastic materialPP
Specification70*62*18 mm
Cavity No10 cav
Mould size450*600*381mm
Mold steelS136
Molding cycle (S)45S
Mold life500 K

Our Advantages Of Making Teeth Tray Mould

  • A professional team and advanced equipment can improve mould for teeth added value and reliability for our customers.

  • As one of the specialized medical injection molding companies, we have standardized project management process.

  • Production environment and management system in line with international standards and custom tray denture service.

How to Mould Teeth Trays

As a manufacturer of the dental plastic mould, the process of molding teeth trays involves precision and quality control. We start by designing and manufacturing trays that offer a comfortable and secure fit for users. This includes creating plastic teeth mold that matches the upper and lower teeth contours accurately. The molding materials used should be of high quality, ensuring they soften easily in warm water and retain the shape of the teeth impressions effectively. We provide detailed instructions and support for our clients, enabling them to produce well-fitted trays. Our focus is on producing teeth tray mould and materials that make the process simple and reliable for end-users, while also considering factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and hygiene. Quality assurance and adherence to industry standards of the teeth tray mold are central to our manufacturing process.

Denture Impression Tray Mold Design Show

  • Teeth Tray Mold Design
  • mould teeth trays
  • teeth molding trays
Denture Plastic Mould Show
dental plastic mould
plastic teeth mold

Denture Impression Tray Mold Video Show

Points For Attention In The Manufacturing And Production Of Medical Plastic Molds

Points For Attention In The Manufacturing And Production Of Medical Plastic Molds

Because medical devices have special requirements for hygiene and safety, surface smoothness, corrosion resistance, and other properties, the medical device injection molding plays an important role in the production process of their products. Higher requirements are put forward for mold manufacturing, product production equipment, and processes used for medical devices, especially for disposable medical devices.

  • Strict requirements for the selection of dental plastic mould materials

    Most disposable medical device products use medical-grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polycarbonate (PC). Because PVC has better corrosion resistance than steel, and PC has higher hardness, there are strict requirements for the selection of mold materials, such as dental tooth molding materials. It is recommended to use Sweden-Shengbai S136H or Japan's Datong NAR-80 steel, these two materials have strong corrosion resistance and high polishing performance.

  • Heat treatment process to control hardness

    Due to the good fluidity of medical-grade PVC materials, the parting surface is deformed due to the soft material of the mold during the use of the mold, which in turn leads to flash burrs during the injection molding process. Therefore, there are higher requirements for the hardness of such mold materials.

  • Reasonable and accurate structural design

    For transparent products, try to choose hot runners to reduce the traces of merging; when using cold runners, the size of the runners should be shortened as much as possible for soft PVC; due to the small size and large batches of disposable medical devices, automatic unloading, shearing and pouring should be used. In order to ensure production efficiency and quality; the mold cooling system should adopt multiple sets of separate cooling water channels to reasonably control the temperature of the movable and fixed molds to control the deformation of the products.

  • High precision mold manufacturing requirements

    In the manufacturing process of medical plastic product molds, like teeth molding trays, the parting surface is required to be tight, and the precision of the mold should be ensured by means of equipment processing.

  • Selection of injection molding machines and parts

    The injection molding machine should use a small screw to ensure the injection molding accuracy and use an automatic unloading device. Gas-assisted unloading can be used when the mold is ejected; the machine tool is equipped with a manipulator to realize the fully automatic process from product molding to packaging and minimize pollution links.

  • The injection molding workshop should be clean and up to standard

    The production workshop should be fully enclosed, install high-power air-conditioning ventilators, and remove harmful gases in time to ensure constant temperature and clean air in the workshop; when shutting down, clean the screw and barrel immediately to avoid damage to the screw of the injection molding machine from residual raw materials; GMP standard, strictly in accordance with IS0 9000 quality management system, to ensure that there are no problems in the production process.

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