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Car Seat Mould for Kids

Child safety seats are seats specially designed to protect children from injury or death in a collision. The main structure of the child safety seat is a plastic part produced by the child safety seat mold, and there are also some metal parts to fix or support these plastic parts. The product design and mold design of the child safety car seat mold are the most important. For example, the thickness and design of the ribs of the plastic parts will lead to the surface of the plastic parts with sink marks, and the requirements for steel selection and mold processing equipment are also very high. Green Vitality provides professional solutions to customers for each project.


High-quality Injection Mold for Child Safety Seat

High-quality Injection Mold for Child Safety Seat

The production output of child safety seat mold is very large, so high-quality child safety chair mold is very important. An efficient mold cooling system can shorten the injection cycle and save more processing costs and time. We are very concerned about the mold cooling system and mold production stability. Our goal is to ensure customers to run as little mold repair work as possible, and be able to perform mass production efficiently and stably.

Basic Information for Child Safety Seat Mold

Specifications of Green Vitality Injection Mould

DescriptionChild safety seat mold
Plastic materialPP
Mould dimension(mm)1600*1000*980
Mould weight (T)10T
Mould cavity&core steelP20
Nos of Cavity1*1
Manufacture time (day)60 days
Mould life≥500000
Molding cycle (S)100 S
Cooling line connector typeDME NS350 SERIES quick coupling,
Mold Characteristicsexcellent cooling system design
Short cycle time

Green Vitality Injection Mould: Your Trusted Car Seat Mould Factory in China

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in plastic injection mold manufacturing, rich experience in Child Safety Seat mold.

  • As one of the best plastic car seat mold manufacturers, we have advanced process and inspection equipment and regular investment in leading-edge equipment.

  • We can participate in and assist customers from the initial product design and development to the entire stage of mold making and product production and delivery.

  • We provide a perfect project Management System.

  • We provide innovative solutions based on varied industry experience.

  • We guarantee our molds for the life of your project.

Child Safety Mold Design Show

  • Child Safety Mold Design Show
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How to Choose A Suitable Child Safety Seat?

How to Choose A Suitable Child Safety Seat?

  • Choose a child safety seat that meets or exceeds the safety standards for motor vehicles.

  • Before using the child safety seat for the first time, learn how to install the seat and use the seat belt.

  • If you know that the safety seat has had an accident, don't use it. It may be damaged in ways you can't see.

  • Do not use child safety seats with missing parts or without production date and model number.

  • Check the recommended "validity period" of the safety seat. If there is no instruction manual, please do not use the seat.

  • If the safety seat has cracks or other signs of wear, do not use it.

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