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Auto Bumper Mould

The front and rear bumpers of the car are made of plastic, which not only maintains the protection function, but also has the characteristics of harmony and unity with the body shape, lightweight, and low fuel consumption. The plastic front bumper consists of three parts, namely the outer panel, the buffer material, and the cross member. The raw materials of the outer plate and the buffer material are all plastic, the beam is stamped into a U-shaped groove from a cold-rolled sheet, and the thickness of the cold-rolled sheet is about 1.5 mm. There are generally two types of materials used in bumper mold: polyester and polypropylene, and the molding process is generally injection molding.


Automobile Bumper Mold Manufacturing

Automobile Bumper Mold Manufacturing

Green Vitality is a professional automobile mold manufacturer and has rich experience in automobile bumper mold manufacturing.

The Auto Bumper Mold designed by Green Vitality not only has the ability to reduce the injury of drivers and passengers during high-speed impact but also has the ability to protect pedestrians. Green Vitality uses an internal parting structure design for the bumper mold. Compared with the traditional outer parting structure design, the inner parting design has higher requirements on the strength of the mold. Correspondingly, the design concept of the bumper mold made by the internal parting structure is more advanced.

Basic Information for Auto Bumper Mould

Auto Bumper Mould Specification

DescriptionAuto Bumper Mold
Plastic materialPP
Mould cavity&core steelP20,2738,718H,738H,NAK80,SKD61,E420,etc.
Mould weight (T)10T
Feeding SystemCold runner/ Hot runner
Nos of Cavity1*1
Manufacture time (day)120 days
Mould life≥500000
PackingVacuum+plywood wooden box

Green Vitality Can Offer You with Auto Bumper Mould

  • Analysis: Through the analysis of material properties and product feasibility, such as wall thickness, deformation, plastic feeding position, etc., potential problems can be predicted in advance.

  • Communication: Maintain close communication with customers, and understand the functional requirements and precautions of products from the perspective of customers, such as requirements for weld lines, requirements for appearance, etc.

  • Design: Strict design review system and checklist check. Before design, during the design of the scheme structure discussion meeting, the designer will check himself according to the checklist; after design, review together with the manufacturing department.

  • Quality inspection: Quality inspection of each link to discover mass production problems in advance.

  • Project management: Each project is equipped with a project manager, who strictly follows the schedule to control the project cycle, and provides weekly progress reports and mold photos for each project so that customers can keep abreast of the status.

  • Service: From mold design to continuous mass production of products, we provide full life cycle service support.

  • After-sales service: continuous after-sales follow-up service, proactively providing mass production and processing technical consulting services.

  • Technical support: In the mass production process, if there is any problem with the mold, technical support will be provided unconditionally.

Auto Bumper Mold Design Show

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Why Are Auto Bumpers Made of Plastic Material?

Why Are Auto Bumpers Made of Plastic Material?

  • Control costs

    The bumper steel plate is replaced with plastic, the cost is greatly reduced, the production is convenient, and the plastic bumper is also very malleable, which can meet the bumper design requirements of various car models.

  • Realize lightweight

    If a car is too heavy, it will greatly increase the fuel consumption requirements, and the increased emission pollution is not good for the environment. Nowadays, the emission of vehicle exhaust is becoming more and more stringent. From the root of the car, the weight of the body must be reduced. This is the development of the car. The trend is also to design plastic for fuel economy and environmental protection. The use of plastic bumpers will not only reduce fuel consumption but also improve performance.

  • Protect pedestrians

    The plastic bar material is elastic and has better shock absorption and buffering capacity than steel plates. If it is still a steel plate, if you hit someone, the consequences will be serious. Then there is no need to go to the hospital, just go to the crematorium, and the design is made of plastic It can greatly reduce the damage caused by impact.

  • Anti-corrosion

    Plastics have inherent advantages over metals. Metals are prone to rust and corrosion when exposed to water and air, which affects the appearance of cars. Plastics have good corrosion resistance, so there is no need to worry about rust.

  • With self-repair function

    Usually, the bumper made of plastic material has little effect when driving. It has elasticity and can repair itself, leaving only a few small scratches. As shown in the figure, it may be restored to its original state once it is heated with hot water. Otherwise, the pits created by the impact cannot bounce by themselves and affect the appearance.

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