Green Vitality Industry Co., Ltd.
Green Vitality Industry Co., Ltd.
Post Molding Service

Green Vitality offers additional, value-added services to help you get your parts finished, assembled, and even packaged, so you can receive your product in a form that’s ready to go to market. Some of these services include:

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • Desco Centrifugal Dryer

  • Wire Dressing and Assembly

  • Sonic Welding

  • Heat Staking

  • Hot Stamping

  • Pad Printing

  • Vacuum Metalizing

  • Silk Screening

  • Painting

  • labeling

  • Packaging

  • Assembly

Once your semi-finished products have been manufactured, we are able to assemble your items, and also complete the production cycle through to final packaging, ready for distribution to anywhere in the world. 

We have the capability to add additional components which we either produce or source from worldwide partners, assemble and package your products to complete the manufacture of your items. 

Let the Green Vitality help handle your entire project from start to finish! Contact us today to talk about your project.

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