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  • aluminum die casting mould
  • aluminum die casting mold
  • aluminium die casting mould
  • aluminum die casting mould
  • aluminum die casting mold
  • aluminium die casting mould

Aluminum Die Casting Mold

When working at high or low temperatures, they also maintain good mechanical properties and have good corrosion resistance. properties and antioxidant properties. Die castings are widely used in construction, hardware, equipment, machine tools, ships, aerospace, automobiles, electronics, computers, electrical appliances, lamps, and many other fields. 

As a renowned die casting mold manufacturer, Green Vitality is proud to offer its premium aluminium die casting mould. Our molds are expertly designed and constructed to meet the exacting demands of the die casting industry. Using top-grade aluminum materials, we ensure durability and heat resistance, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable mould die casting.


Aluminum Die Casting Applications

Aluminum Die Casting Applications

Aluminum die casting mold is used frequently in the automotive industry as a durable, lightweight alternative to steel and iron. Its electrical and thermal conductivity properties of the make it well suited for the telecommunications and computer industries. The lightweight of aluminium die casting mould makes it an excellent choice for portable applications.

Aluminum Die Casting Capabilities

Aluminum Die Casting Mold Specification

Material CapabilitiesAluminum alloy, zinc alloy
Molding Processesdie casting
Machine Size/ Clamping Force100 - 800 Tons
Number of CavitiesOne or Multiple
Production Volume5,000 units up to 100,000+
Manufacture time (day)30-45 days
Quality CertificationsISO 9001:2015

Benefits Of Aluminum Die Casting Mould

  • Aluminium die casting mould can manufacture metal parts with complex shapes, clear outlines, thin walls, and deep cavities. Because molten metal maintains high fluidity at high pressure and high speed, metal parts that are difficult to machine by other processes can be obtained.

  • The material utilization rate is high. Due to the high precision of die castings, they can be assembled and used with only a small amount of machining.

  • High production efficiency. Due to high-speed filling, the filling time is short, the metal industry solidifies rapidly, and the die-casting operation cycle speed is fast.

Why Choose Green Vitality's Aluminum Die Casting Mould

As one of the best aluminium die casting mould manufacturers, Green Vitality is your best choice for several compelling reasons when you need aluminum die casting molds:

  1. Precision Craftsmanship: Our aluminium die casting mould is meticulously crafted with the highest degree of precision, ensuring your final products meet exact specifications and quality standards.

  2. Durable Materials: We use top-grade aluminum, renowned for its durability and heat resistance, making our molds long-lasting and reliable.

  3. Innovative Design: Our die casting mould features innovative designs that optimize efficiency and performance, resulting in more efficient casting processes.

  4. Customization: We understand the unique requirements of our clients. Our mould die casting can be tailored to meet specific design and production needs.

  5. Technical Expertise: We have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are always ready to assist you in selecting or customizing the right aluminium die casting mold for your specific applications.

Aluminum Die Casting Mold Show
die cast mould making
die casting mold
We Provide Full Service For Die Casting Projects

We Provide Full Service For Die Casting Projects

Green Vitality custom aluminum die casting mold solutions include:

  • DFM and Design optimization Suggestions

  • Mold flow simulation analysis

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Custom Die Casting Tooling design

  • Die-casting 

  • CNC and conventional machining

  • Surface finishing

  • Coatings, plating, painting

  • Assembly

  • Testing & Reports

  • Packaging &Delivery

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