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Sometimes we find that the reason for the poor quality of injection mould design and processing is not necessarily due to the quality of the mould, but rather due to improper installation and adjustment of the mould. Improper installation and adjustment of the mould is also an important reason for exacerbating mould wear and causing mould safety accidents.

Inspection of advanced injection molding technology products

Therefore, when starting the injection molding process of parts processing, several initial parts should be trial-produced and checked. The results of the inspection should be compared with the accuracy inspection results before the mould is put into storage or the results of the last part inspection, in order to confirm whether the installation and adjustment of the mould is correct. Moreover, in batch production of parts, production must start only after the initial piece inspection has passed.

In the process of mould production and processing, after a certain period of time interval or producing a certain quantity of parts, several parts should be selected for sampling inspection, that is, intermediate inspection. The purpose of implementing intermediate inspection is to understand the speed of wear of each component of the mould during use, evaluate the impact of the speed of mould wear on mould accuracy and part quality, and avoid various unqualified products in batch production.

After the production of the mould is completed, the quality of the product for injection mould design should be checked again, and the appearance of the mould should also be checked to determine the degree of wear of each component of the mould and whether the mould needs to be repaired or reprocessed. In addition, by comparing the results of the initial and final inspections, the wear rate of the mould can be calculated, so as to arrange the production batch of the next operation rationally, and avoid the loss caused by the interruption of the next operation due to the need for regrinding or repair of the mould in the middle.

When repairing the product of the injection mould design, replacing parts and dismantling, assembling, and adjusting the mould may cause significant changes in the accuracy of various parts of the mould. Therefore, after the repair is completed, the accuracy should be checked again. The main inspection methods and requirements are the same as those for accuracy inspection before the new mould is put into storage.

The development trend of injection mould design and processing technology

The injection mould is an important tool for producing various industrial products. With the rapid development of the injection mould design industry and the extensive application of plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships, automobiles, and life, the requirements for the mould are getting higher and higher, and the traditional injection mould design method can no longer meet the demands for updates and high quality.

In conclusion, this is an era of technological innovation and competition. Advanced injection molding technology must attach great importance to technological innovation, increase investment in science and technology, and put scientific and technological progress first. Therefore, we need to constantly learn, explore, update and improve, in order to reduce product costs, shorten production cycles, improve economic and social benefits, and manufacture new and advanced injection moulds.

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