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1. Injection Mold

An injection moulding dies used in affordable injection molding is usually made of steel or aluminum, as a custom tool. A mold in injection molding has many parts, but it can be divided into two halves. Each half is attached to the injection molding machine and the latter half allows sliding so that the injection molding mold can be opened and closed along the parting line of the injection mold. The two main parts of an injection mold in affordable injection molding are the core and the cavity.

2. Mold Base

The core and cavity are respectively installed on the mold base which is fixed on the pressing plate in the injection molding machine. The front part of mold base consists of a support plate to which the cavity is attached, a sprue bushing into which material will flow from the nozzle, and a positioning ring to align the mold base with the nozzle. The rear part of mold base comprises an ejector system (The core is connected to the ejector system) and a support plate.

3. Injection Mold Channel

Several channels are formed in the injection mold design basics of the injection moulding die to allow the molten plastic to flow into the cavity. First, the molten plastic enters the mold in injection molding through the sprue. Additional channels which are called runners transport the molten plastic from the sprue to all the cavities that must be filled. At the end of each runner, the molten plastic enters the cavity through the sprue that guides the flow. The molten plastic that solidifies in these channels attaches to the part and must be separated after the part is ejected from the injection mold.

4. Injection Mold Design

In addition to runner and sprue, injection molded enclosures design in affordable injection molding must consider many other design problems. First, the injection moulding die must allow the molten plastic to flow easily into all cavities. The injection mold design must also be in accordance with any complex feature on the part, such as incisions or threads, and require additional injection mold parts. Other devices enter through the end of the injection moulding die along the parting direction, such as an inner core elevator, to form the notch. To process threads into parts, you need a spin-out device that forms the mold in injection molding after the thread has been formed.

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