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In mold design, car molds have always been the molds that everyone thinks are difficult. Sometimes it is difficult to get a product. Today, I will share with you a set of classic car lamp mold structures. I hope that when you encounter such products in the future, it can bring you a little inspiration in design.

1. Structure design of automobile lamp mould

(1) Glue feeding methods for automotive lamp moulds : There are many ways of feeding products, such as bottom feeding, diving feeding, direct gate, horn feeding, dispensing, fine nozzle to large nozzle feeding, etc., This set of car lamp mould adopts the hot runner to the cold runner to dive into the glue.

(2) From the slope of the product, it can be seen that there is a horizontal slider in front of the product, an inclined slider at the back of the product, two tunnel sliders on the right side of the product, and a sloped top in the rear mold.

(3) There is a horizontal slider in front of the product. According to the common slider design method, attention should be paid to the design of this small slider: the strength and process of the slider, due to the position and inserts need heat treatment, in order to reduce stress concentration, the A rounded transition is required around the bit perimeter.

(4) There is an oblique buckle on the back of the product, and there are two tunnel sliders on the right side. In order to reduce the matching length of the oblique guide column, the oblique guide column is fixed with a pressing block. In order to facilitate processing, the tunnel slider is fixed with a T-shaped groove. On the row seat, it is convenient for wire cutting.

(5) There is a sloping top on the back mold, and there is an inlaid needle under the sloping top. When designing this kind of sloping top, pay attention to the fact that the sloping top cannot interfere with the inlaying needle, and the sloping top is designed according to ordinary standards.

2. Strict manufacturing requirements for automotive lamp moulds

Car lights are mainly used for lighting, which can be said to be the eyes of the car. Car lights are a general term for all automotive lighting systems. The appearance requirements of automobile lamps are high, and several important parts are transparent parts, electroplated parts, etc. It can be said that the parts with the highest requirements for the appearance of automobiles are the lamps, so the design and manufacture of automobile lamp moulds are extremely demanding.

Green Vitality mold adopts a combined cooling system of "vertical cooling water pipes, inclined cooling lines, and splicing water wells", and the water channels are arranged along the cavity, which effectively ensures the accuracy of plastic parts and the labor productivity of the mold. The plastic parts are ejected from the top block, which is not only stable, but also does not affect the appearance of the product. In the molding of the transparent mold, the design of the exhaust system is very important. If the exhaust is not good, it will seriously affect the quality of the plastic parts. Considering that the product material is PC, the exhaust front end is designed to be 0.02mm, and the exhaust is designed around the product according to the analysis. Reduce problems such as local burns caused by air bubbles or air trapping during injection molding.

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