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The mold for plastic is the tool for giving plastic products complete structure and size in the plastic processing industry. Due to the various types of plastics and processing methods, as well as the diverse structures of mold for plasticing machines and products, the types and structures of mold for plastic are also diverse. Today, let's talk about the key points of mold for plastic in trial molding. Let's take a look together. There are some key points of the mold for plastic in trial molding

1. Before trial molding : check whether the mold is assembled and whether the raw materials are dried.

2. Before changing molds: spray rust inhibitor inside the mold in production, remove and place the mold in position, and fill in the record form.

3. When installing the upper mold

  • The mold center point should be aligned before installing the mold;

  • The mold must be locked and the high-pressure locking mechanism should be checked for effectiveness. The locking force depends on the size of the mold. The high-pressure force required for large molds is 80-90 PMa; and for small molds, it is 40-65 PMa.

  • After adjusting the high-pressure locking, adjust the opening and closing of the mold to normal speed, and adjust the low-pressure time-distance-pressure;

  • Speed adjustment is important in normal production, and incomplete low-pressure work is often the cause of mold damage.

4. Material pipe cleaning work: Remove other colored raw materials and impurities from the material pipe to reduce injection pressure.

  • Maintain pressure and injection time;

  • Maintain pressure for a period of time, reduce it to 50 PMa;

  • Increase the pressure according to the product condition and adjust it to the required pressure. Compare the low-pressure molding samples, mid-pressure molding samples, and high-pressure molding samples, and analyze the flow path.

5. Try manual mode first before trial molding the mold for plastic to confirm whether the mold release action is smooth and in place. Spray mold release agent on the female mold before injection during trial molding, and adjust the mold release position after molding.

6. The number of trial molds should be determined according to the production notification form, and the mold department should be notified to confirm the trial mold action before each trial motion. After the product is produced, it needs to be reviewed by the customer. After the review is completed, fill in the molding condition record form and the mold condition table.

7. When the trial molding is completed, spray rust inhibitor on the mold and modify it at the mold department.

8. Each trial molding must follow the above items to be conducted. The trial molding time and personnel must be approved by the superior. Do not conduct trial molding without permission.

The above are all the key points of plastic mold design in trial molding. Everyone must pay attention to the above points. The application scope of mold for plastic is very wide, such as automobiles, household appliances, electronic communications, daily necessities, etc.

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