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We encounter various plastic products and accessories in our production and life, most of which are manufactured through injection molding molds. The advantage of using injection molding molds is that the production speed is fast and the finished product parameters are consistent. The quality of the mold is related to the effect of the plastic product, so what is the manufacturing process of injection molding molds?

Injection process: analysis of plastic products

Before mold design, the designer should fully analyze and study whether the plastic product meets the working principle of injection molding processing, and need to carefully negotiate with the product designer and reach a consensus. This includes the necessary discussion of the geometric shape, specification size accuracy, and appearance requirements of the product to avoid unnecessary complexity in mold manufacturing as much as possible.

Injection process: mold structure design

A good mold not only requires good processing equipment and skilled mold making workers, but also a very important factor is good mold design. Especially for complex molds, the quality of mold design accounts for more than 80% of the mold quality. A good mold design should meet the customer's requirements under the premise of low production cost, small processing difficulty, and short processing time.

Injection process: determine mold materials and select standard parts

When selecting mold materials, in addition to considering the precision and quality of the product, it is also necessary to make a correct choice based on the actual processing and heat treatment capabilities of the injection molding mold factory. In addition, in order to shorten the production cycle, existing standard parts should be used as much as possible.

Injection process: part processing and mold assembly

The precision of the mold is particularly important for part processing and mold assembly besides giving better structure and reasonable tolerance fit in the design. Therefore, the selection of processing accuracy and processing methods occupies a dominant position in mold manufacturing.

Injection process: mold trial

A set of molds only completes 70% to 80% of its entire production process from design to assembly. The errors caused by inconsistent predetermined shrinkage and actual shrinkage, the success or failure of demolding, and the cooling effect, especially the influence of the size, position, and shape of the gate on the precision and appearance of the product need to be tested through mold trials. Therefore, mold trial is an indispensable step in testing whether the mold is qualified and selecting the molding process.

Above is the specific introduction of the manufacturing process of injection molding molds, do you understand it clearly? Good molds determine production efficiency and product quality, so they must be taken seriously. If you have relevant needs, you can leave a message or call us at Kaidi Intelligent.

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