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Injection molds often need to pay attention to material selection. Using different materials for mold making can have different effects. Choosing good materials is important as it can increase the service life and strength of the injection mold. Today, we will talk in detail about the impact of injection mold material selection on the molds.

Pay attention to temperature control during molding

Injection molds are common plastic parts in factories. To make a good injection mold, temperature, pressure, and time all need to be taken into account during the manufacturing process. All three are indispensable and need to be done well. Today, we will talk about the temperature aspects to pay attention to during injection molding.

Temperature of the barrel 

The temperature distribution of the entire barrel should maintain a certain gradient, gradually increasing from the end close to the hopper to the nozzle. The end close to the hopper is mainly for preheating the plastic. The temperature of the first half of the compression section should be slightly lower than the melting point of the plastic, and the temperature of the second half should be higher than the melting point of the plastic.

Nozzle temperature

The nozzle temperature is usually slightly lower than the barrel temperature to prevent the melt from dripping at the nozzle. However, the temperature cannot be too low to prevent the plastic from solidifying and blocking the nozzle or injecting solidified material into the mold cavity, affecting the quality of the product.

Injection mold temperature

The temperature of the injection mold for plastic parts refers to the temperature of the mold cavity wall in contact with the plastic. It determines the ability of the melt to fill the mold, the cooling rate of the plastic part, and the internal and external quality of the formed plastic part. Paying attention to the injection mold is crucial and cannot be careless.

Different materials will affect injection molds

Impact on the service life of the injection mold

Injection molds with higher hardness materials generally have a longer service life. For example, using steel with a hardness of around HRC50 after heat treatment can extend the mold life to 500,000 to 1 million cycles. Otherwise, it is prone to wear, and the product quality of the injection is easily substandard. Therefore, the selected steel should have good heat treatment performance and good cutting performance in a high hardness state.

Impact of plastic raw materials on steel

The raw materials and fillers added to the injection molding have a great impact on the steel, especially glass fibers have a greater wear on the injection mold. In addition, some plastics are corrosive, so the choice of mold materials needs to be comprehensively considered.

A good injection mold manufacturer will determine what materials to use for the injection mold based on the customer's estimated production volume, overall production costs, plastic materials, and mold lifespan. Therefore, if you need to open an injection mold, you need to choose a manufacturer with quality assurance. Green Vitality is a professional manufacturer that specializes in producing various injection molds and is worth your trust!

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