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Auto part mold refers to the mold used to form parts. Auto part mold can be divided into the following categories.

1. Car Seat Mould

The car seat mainly consists of two parts which are the seat fabric and the seat frame, so the car seat mould should also pay attention to these points. The skeleton of car seats is the most important part because its quality determines whether it will break in the event of an accident. The processes used in the processing of car seat mould are mainly divided into injection molding and blow molding.

2. Auto Bumper Mould

An auto bumper mould is a device that covers the front and rear of cars to protect cars when they collide. Car bumpers are generally made of plastic, so the auto bumper mould uses injection molding. The automobile bumper is U-shaped, and in the production process, when the bumper comes out of the mold, because the inner and outer surfaces of the bumper, the surfaces of the movable die, and the fixed die all have large contact surfaces, the auto bumper mould is easy to stick to the fixed die and does not happen with the separation of the movable die from the fixed die.

3. Grille Front Moulding

Grille parts refer to the structure with many meshes in the main structure of the product, with through holes in the middle of meshes. The most important thing for grille parts of appearance parts is the surface quality.

4. Car Light Mould

Car light mould are mainly used for lighting, which can be said to be the eyes of cars. The appearance requirement of the car lamp is high, and several important parts are transparent parts, electroplated parts, etc., so the design and manufacturing requirements of the car light mould are extremely high. Different car lights have different car light mould requirements, and the car light mold requirements of the same car are different according to the height.

5. Rear View Mirror Housing

The molding of rearview mirror housing is a difficult problem in auto part mold production, and it is mainly to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers. The exterior and technological modeling of the main shell adopts a rounded shape, and the interior needs various controls, which makes it difficult to set the parting of the rearview mirror housing.

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