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1. Soap Box Mold

Soapboxes are so common in our life that almost every family uses them. There are also a variety of soapboxes in the market with different shapes. In daily life, when we put soap on the box, we often soften the soap due to water in the box, which will reduce the service life of the soap. There are also some soap mold boxes with holes at the bottom of the cover to make water flow out easily, but the disadvantage of this kind of soapbox mold is that they will make the room wet due to the leakage. The best design of soapbox mold is that the structure can be simple, but it can improve the service life of the soap. Soap mould box is made into the shape of fruit and some soap mold boxes are made into the shape of animals and plants, which is to attract customers' attention and arouse people's desire to buy.

2. Keyboard Mould

The following points should be considered when selecting the keyboard mold.

(1) Keyboard mold needs to have enough surface hardness and wear resistance

The heat-treated plastic mold should have enough surface hardness to ensure that the keyboard key mold has enough stiffness. The keyboard key mold is required to maintain the stability of shape precision and dimensional precision to ensure enough service life of the keyboard key mold.

(2) Keyboard mold should have excellent cutting machinability

Most prototype and plastic mold require some machining. In order to prolong the service life of the cutting tool, we should improve the cutting performance and reduce the surface roughness, and the hardness of steel used in the plastic mold must be appropriate.

(3) Keyboard mold should have good polishing performance

High-quality plastic products require lower surface roughness of the cavity.

(4) Keyboard mold should have good thermal stability

The shape of plastic injection mold parts is often more complex, and it is difficult to process after quenching, so we should try to choose the keyboard key mold with good thermal stability. When the keyboard key mold is molding after heat treatment, due to the small linear expansion coefficient and heat treatment deformation, the size change rate caused by temperature difference is small.

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