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On the afternoon of June 28, 2021, the 4th Mould Industry Digital Information Promotion Work Conference hosted by China Mould Industry Association was held in Shanghai as scheduled. With the theme of "Digitalization Enhance the Advanced Die Industry Foundation" and "Informatization Promote the Modernization of the Mold Industry Chain", this conference invited 8 industry experts in the mold industry to share reports on digitalization and informatization in their respective fields.

As the core content of the 2021 China Mould Industry Conference, this session of the Mould Industry Digital Informatization Promotion Work Conference will report on the wonderful contents of the main topics such as the cutting-edge new technology of modern manufacturing digitalization, the actual combat of international tool and mold manufacturing, and digital reengineering optimization cases brought by experts. Sharing will bring thoughts and paths to the in-depth application of new technologies for domestic mold companies. The future will

Effectively promote the improvement of the digital capabilities of mold companies, enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, promote the construction of mold companies' information systems, reduce costs, improve quality, and increase the efficiency of mold companies, accelerate the development of modern mold industry systems, and promote the ecological construction of the entire industry chain of mold companies.

Mold Industry Digitalization is Booming in China

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