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When it comes to the development of injection molds, it is not an easy task. Not only does the development of injection molds require a lot of production costs, but it also requires communication and exchange with people. Therefore, the maintenance of injection molds looks crucial. The quality of inspection of injection molds will affect the service life of the molds. Under normal circumstances, not paying high attention to the inspection of injection molds will reduce the quality of injection molds in advance, leading to various quality problems such as corrosion and reduced surface smoothness. The quality of injection molds will be reduced, the unqualified rate will increase, and even unable to produce qualified products. At that time, a large amount of money will be invested in the purchase of new molds, which will cause a lot of waste. The following introduces a maintenance plan for the production process of injection molds.

Inspection and maintenance during the installation of injection molds

(1) Before installing the mold, clean the upper and lower surfaces of the injection mold to ensure that the mounting surface of the injection mold and the working table of the press are properly matched.

(2) After the mold is installed, open the mold, guide the mold mechanism, and clean the mold cavity surface to ensure the quality of the product.

(3) Lubricate or apply grease to the sliding parts of the mold.

(4) Check and maintain the side plates, clean the waste passageways and holes.

(5) Check the safety locking pins and fasteners of the mold. If problems are found, repair or replace them in time.

Maintenance during production of injection molds

Observe and feel the usage status of the mold during production. If abnormalities are found, stop and check immediately and eliminate them in time. Then continue the production of injection molds.

Maintenance after production of injection molds

(1) After production, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the injection mold.

(2) Conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the injection mold, remove waste and debris in the mold, and ensure that there is no waste in the waste box.

(3) Truthfully feedback the problems found during the use of the injection mold, and make a record in the handover sheet or notify the repair personnel for repair.

Long-term maintenance of injection molds

For injection molds that are stored for a long time, arrange maintenance every two months. The method is to open the injection mold, remove dust and rust, and apply oil to all parts of the injection mold.

At present, in the sales market, most of the molds that people come into contact with are injection molds. They introduce plastic materials into the mold and then produce the required products. The use of injection molds in the mold industry is a very common industry and is widely used. Injection molds are a production and processing method used in large-scale production and are key in industrial production. The process of injection mold is to inject melted materials into the mold cavity under high pressure, and then obtain molded products after cooling and solidification. According to the molding characteristics, it can be divided into thermosetting plastic molds and thermoplastic plastic molds.

The above is a summary of the maintenance of injection molds during various stages of installation, production, after production, and long-term storage.

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