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In the manufacturing industry,fan blade mould is key tool for fan production. Their quality and performance have a crucial impact on the overall quality of the fan. Therefore, mastering the maintenance techniques of fan blade mould not only extends the lifespan of the mould but also ensures the stability of fan product quality. This article will introduce in detail four major techniques for maintaining fan blade mould to help you better manage and maintain them.

Establish Detailed Fan Blade Mould Log Cards

Establish detailed log cards for each set of fan blade mould to record their usage, maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, anti-rust), and damage status. Through these log cards, you can clearly understand the mould's usage status and identify and solve problems in a timely manner. Additionally, these log cards can provide molding process parameters and materials used in products, which strongly support shortening mould trial times and improving production efficiency.

Periodic Testing and Performance Evaluation of Fan Blade Mould

Under normal mould operation, regularly test various performance aspects, such as opening and closing movements and ejection of plastic parts. Also, measure the final moulded plastic part dimensions to assess the current state of the mould. Key parts like the cavity, core, cooling system, and parting surfaces should undergo focused inspection. If any damage or wear is discovered, repair or replacement should be done promptly.

Maintenance and Care of Key Components in Fan Blade Mould

Fan blade mould' ejection and guiding components are crucial for ensuring mould opening and closing movements and plastic part ejection. They should be frequently lubricated using the most appropriate lubricants. Regularly check if ejector pins and guide posts are deformed or surface-damaged. If abnormalities are found, they should be replaced immediately. Additionally, after completing a production cycle, coat the mould's working surfaces, moving parts, and guiding components with specialized rust-preventive oil to prevent corrosion and damage.

Surface Maintenance and Cleaning of Fan Blade Mould

The surface maintenance of fan blade mould directly affects the product surface quality. After completing production tasks, carefully remove injection moulding residues and other deposits. Use copper rods, copper wires, and specialized mould cleaners for cleaning, avoiding hard objects like iron wires and steel rods to prevent surface scratches. For rust spots caused by corrosive injections, use a polishing machine for polishing and spray with specialized rust-preventive oil. Finally, store the mould in a dry, cool, dust-free place to ensure it always remains in optimal condition.

A well-maintained mould can shorten mould assembly and trial times, reduce production faults, ensure smooth production operations, guarantee product quality, reduce scrap losses, and lower the company's operating costs and fixed asset investments. When the next production cycle begins, the company can smoothly produce quality products. Therefore, for injection moulding product processing companies, maintaining well-kept moulds can provide significant support in the fierce market competition.

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