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Third-party tests suggest dandelion rubber may be hypoallergenic


Vancouver, British Columbia -- nova -- biorubber Green Technologies Inc., a developer of agricultural and Green processing Technologies for dandelion, has successfully completed a third-party hypoallergenic test for dandelion rubber.
Akron rubber development lab tested two biolatex samples for the vancouver-based company, according to a Nova-BioRubber press release.
Nova-BioRubber CEO anwar buranov called the results encouraging.
"A lot of products, and how they are made, are going to change dramatically," he said."We will see more non-allergenic, odorless biolatex and biorubber products come to market."
Potential applications of Nova-BioRubber dandruff rubber include medical gloves and catheters, mattresses, pillows, yoga MATS, condoms, wetsuits, swim caps and balloons.
Nova-BioRubber works on the development of Taraxacum koko-saghyz (TKS) plants, also known as Russian dandelions, for commercial use.TKS takes just four months to grow and contains up to 24 percent rubber, according to the company.
Nova-BioRubber said the assessment report on TKS rubber from the akron rubber development laboratory and the Canadian national research council is available upon request.

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