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The first 3D printing bridge in China: Prototyping with 35 days & being used for 30 years


Within 2018, the first 3D printing bridge in China will appear in Shanghai Taopu Zhichuang City Central Park. Different from traditional bridges, the new bridge is built without any reinforced concrete.

The bridge is a footbridge, with 15.25 meters long, 3.8 meters wide and 1.2 meters high. The bridge body is milky white and is made of resin. 
This 3D printing landscape bridge, taking 35 days through one-time "printing" . After testing for compression and loading, the public will be able to get close to seeing the 3D printed work.

The bridge has an "S-shaped" curve, and the bridge deck is hollowed out. Traditional methods is difficult to this structure, and it only be achieved through 3D technology. 

Now 3D printing technology does not have an advantage if building straight, steel bridges or cement bridges. From a cost perspective, as the process matures and the price of raw materials decreases, the 3D printing bridge market will be more competitive.

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