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Our Pet Bowl Project has been finished successfully and now is running production day by day.


Most people like pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and so on. They are so cute and naughty. Sometimes your cat and dog can sniff the danger ahead and help you out of the danger, sometimes they may knock things over and make your room messy. This enriches our lives. When you get old, your pets will spend time with you and you won't feel lonely. So we should treat our pets like a baby. 

When you are eating, you will feed your cats and dogs, so there is an essential item, that is pet bowl. Yes, pet bowl. We finished our new mold pet bowl and get approval from our France customer last week, this week we are producing the pet bowls everyday. The pet bowl is very convenient to animal feeders, high quality and nice looking. Wish our customer have a hot sale on this pet bowl.

If you need any custom making plastic products, welcome to contact us Green Vitality. We have rich experience in plastic industry.

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