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  • India Saba Group Visit Green Vitality
    India Saba Group Visit Green Vitality

    Yesterday, Green Vitality Kidyson Mould has Saba Group visit, who is a famous leather mold company in India. In the meeting of the two companies, the two sides discussed the project, including the product structure, mold design,  quotation etc. the details things. Saba Group has been catering to the often demanding and constantly changing needs of the Indian leather industry, for the past few decades. Saba Group offers extensive, end-to-end solutions for the leather industry with the product line extending from beamhouse to finishing operations. It is ourhonor to cooperate with such a historic company.  The afternoon meeting was successfully completed. We look forward to the launch of the Saba Group project and can cooperate smoothly with our company!

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  • An Insert Mold Shipped to USA
    An Insert Mold Shipped to USA

    After slight modification on the insert mold, customer re-sent the new brass inserts and we ran T2 testing. Mold testing was smooth, and customer was happy about the T2 samples and our process. Now the mold was shipped to USA on May 13 by Air shipping. We work on prompt delivery with a good result for this project. It is great to make our efforts valuable, and to surpport customers to be succeed. 

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  • The pass 4 months of 2019 , China export trading business grown up stably
    The pass 4 months of 2019 , China export trading business grown up stably

    According to the custom's research , the pass 4 months of 2019 , the amount of exports from china is 5.06 trillion yuan , increased 5.7% than last year . it's a good news for our foreign business . As everyone knows , foreign trade business is more and more difficult nowdays , Trump said will raise tariffs on $200bn of Chinese imports from 10 % to 25 % , It is not good for the people of the two countries and the world . I don't know any politics , Being a sales person , i care more about the benefits between us and customers even the consumer . We will always keep going to seek the way  is the best for selling and buying to maximize our benefits.

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  • Thailand boosts rubber use, accounting for 30% of rubber production in 10 years
    Thailand boosts rubber use, accounting for 30% of rubber production in 10 years

    At the symposium on sustainable development of the rubber industry in Thailand on March 20, Admiral Ba Jin pointed out that the Thai government is committed to improving the rubber processing industry in Thailand and increasing the amount of rubber used in the next 10 years. The rubber processing ratio has increased to 25% to 30%. It is understood that the annual production rate of rubber produced in Thailand is 15% to 18%, and the other 80% is exported overseas. At present, the production and manufacture of many Thai government security agencies, police and military equipment are inseparable from rubber, but they all need to rely on imports. Therefore, the Thai government has introduced a promotion policy to support the processing of related equipment at home to reduce capital consumption. Relevant policies include promoting the construction of rubber city, supporting the development of new products to meet market demand, covering medical, agricultural and automotive industries. And so on.

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  •  Hidruden S. L company from Spain visited our factory
    Hidruden S. L company from Spain visited our factory

    Yesterday, the Hidruden SL team from Spain visited our factory, during the visiting, we discussed some new projects.  Hidruden SL is a very professional company . We had their director, sales manager, project engineering and plant manager to visit.  This reception is an honor for our factory. Green Vitality and Hidruden SL have a good meeting time, Hidruden SL is also very satisfied with the team of Green Vitality.  The resonance reached by both sides laid the foundation for the next step of cooperation. At present, our company is also preparing for the plastic mold exhibition in Europe in the coming year.   Green Vitality is also looking forward to have the opportunity to visit some new  and old customers in European such as Spain.

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  • Thread Part of a Blowing Mold is EDM Machining.
    Thread Part of a Blowing Mold is EDM Machining.

    Green Vitality is making a blow mold with our partner for Germany customer. This is a project for a 10L washer fluid tank used on automobile, and there is a M42X2 thread outside the opening of the tank.  The thread part now is EDM machining, we will make a slight adjustment to make the the screwing more smooth and will not impact the function of thread. The T1 mold testing will be arranged on April 30. We trust to have a good running of the mold and make the satisfying tank samples for customers. Stay tuned for the T1 samples...

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