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  • The mold trial for tools box injection mould
    The mold trial for tools box injection mould

    We tested the tools box injection mould today,  Our team did a great job,  At the beginning, this mould was proposed to ship to customer's country for production,   But now our customer decide to produce in our factory,It really inspires us.  Thanks for the trust and affirmation. The Green Vitality will always keep working hard, try our best to do better.

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  • Green Vitality Professional Skills Training
    Green Vitality Professional Skills Training

    Yesterday, the engineers of the  Green Vitality gave the sales staff a consultation on mold expertise.  Every month, there will be one to two times of plastic mold professional knowledge training, involving product structure, mold structure, material selection, plastic mold product appearance problems, injection molding machine equipment knowledge, etc., such training enhances the professional ability of sales personnel.  To ensure that when communicating with customers, we can understand and answer customer questions in a timely manner.  It shows that Green Vitality pays attention to the professional skills of employees and shows that Green Vitality is a professional team.

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  • The 4th China-Arab Expo
    The 4th China-Arab Expo

    The 4th China-Arab National Expo attracted more than 12,600 delegates from 89 countries, 107 pavilions, more than 2,900 regional organizations, business associations and other organizations and enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the number of which exceeded the previous three. Over the years, the China-Arab Expo has established a platform for exchanges in bilateral trade, science and technology, medical care, tourism and other fields. It has produced extensive and profound influences in the international arena and has been widely recognized by countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to promote China and Afghanistan. Pragmatic cooperation makes positive contributions. From September 5th to 8th, the 4th China-Arab National Expo was held in Yinchuan City, Ningxia. With the theme of “New Opportunities, New Futures”, the China-Arab Expo adheres to the principle of “co-industry, co-construction and sharing”, focusing on trade and investment, capacity cooperation, “Internet +”, high-tech, digital economy, infrastructure and other fields. A total of 362 contracted results, planned investment and trade total of 185.42 billion yuan, further highlighting the Expo's "One Belt, One Road" initiative and promoting the platform role of economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

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  • MIMS Automechanika Moscow Exhibition 2019
    MIMS Automechanika Moscow Exhibition 2019

    On August 26th, the MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2019 exhibition successfully start at Expo Centre Moscow, Russia. It 's held every year, and last 4days from 26th-29th.  It's the oldest automotive industry exhibition in Russia and even in Eastern Europe, hosted by the UK's second largest exhibition group, ITE Exhibition Group. More than 1324 exhibitors from over 41 countries came here to show their advanced plastic parts and equipment, More than 35,513 registered viewers  attented it to find their suppliers.  Hope all the exhibitors and visitor have got what they need at the exhibition. 

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  • The 18th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition
    The 18th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition

    Exposition Date: 1st, Sep, 2019  - 5th, Sep,2019  Exposition Term: Once a year  Exposition Location: Shenyang International Exhibition Center, China Exposition Brief Introduction: China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition has been hold for 17 years since 2002. It is one of the top ten most influential brand Expositions in China. it attracted many famous enterprise. The Exposition will shows CNC machine tools and their functional parts, tool molds and parts, industrial automation, 3D print equipment and so on.

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  • China-Europe's new channel to help fully revitalize
    China-Europe's new channel to help fully revitalize

    Recently, the assembly area of Changchun International Land Port is busy. Under the command of the security officer, the crane transports the containers inside the site to the train car and waits for shipment. plastic injection molds, different kinds of plastic moulding parts will be transported to Russia, Germany and other places through the Central European train. The train was departed from Changchun City, Jilin Province, and exited at the Manzhouli Railway Port. It passes through Siberia, Russia, Brest, Belarus, Warsaw, Poland, and ends at Nuremberg, Germany. The whole route is about 9800 kilometers, and the one-way running time is 14 days, saving more than 20 days than sea shipping. This would bring much benifits for China and Europe business to save shipping time. We looking forward to have more cooperation with customer around the world.

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