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In 2017, the Scale of the Injection Molding Machine Industry Continued to Grow with the Output of Plastic Products Increased by 3.90%


Since 2017, when the downstream manufacturing investment has not improved significantly, the income of leading domestic injection molding machine companies has increased by 20%~40%, which is obviously higher than the performance of single digit growth in previous years.

The growth rate of injection molding machine sales lags behind the growth rate of plastic products production for one year. By observing the relationship between the growth rate of injection molding machine sales and the growth rate of plastic products output from 2000 to 2009, the growth rate of injection molding machine sales generally lags behind the growth rate of plastic products production for about 1 year, especially in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Most obviously, it takes more than one year for the sales of downstream plastic products to be transferred to equipment investment, which is also in line with market rules. Since 2012, the growth rate of plastic products production has stabilized at a single-digit growth level. In the first 11 months of 2017, the output of plastic products increased by 3.90%, a slight increase year-on-year.

With the continuous breakthrough and innovation of polymer technology, plastic machinery has become an important technology in various fields of national economy such as aerospace, defense, petrochemical, marine, electronics, optoelectronic communication, building materials, packaging, electrical appliances, automobile and transportation, agriculture, light industry. It is equipped with special equipment for high-end manufacturing industries such as new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine, and information network. Its industrial relevance is high, capital and technology are intensive, the market demand is large, and its driving force is strong. It is an important guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of related industries and scientific and technological progress, and it has increasingly shown its extremely important role as a parent machine.

In 2009-2015, the output of China's plastic products showed an overall upward trend. With the continuous growth of demand for downstream plastic products, the plastics machinery market will maintain a relatively stable growth trend in the future.

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