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As one of the major labels in the industry 4.0 era, the development of 3D printing undoubtedly provides better assistance for Chinese manufacturing.According to the research report "China's manufacturing industry towards 2025" released by IBM business value research institute, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing both internal challenges and external environmental changes.From the perspective of the enterprise, the specific problems that need to be solved at present are the rising production cost, insufficient r&d investment and the relatively traditional production organization mode.From the perspective of external environment, consumers have more dominant power. The development of 3D printing, robotics and other technologies will overturn the old manufacturing mode, and the trend of cross-border integration and service of manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly significant.                             

In the past 27 years, the compound growth rate of the global 3D printing industry has exceeded 27%, and the market size reached 5.565 billion us dollars in 2015.The domestic 3D printing market has doubled in the past four years. In 2015, the size of the Chinese market was about 7.8 billion yuan, which is one of the fastest growing markets.

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