What is Over-Mold?


When We say "Over-Mold" means the secondary injection molding of the product. 

The main product consists of two parts, one refers to the plastic inside, and the other refers to the soft part outside. 

At the time of mold manufacturing, a plastic mold, that is, a main hard mold, is first manufactured. 

After he cools naturally, he puts it in another pair of molds and re-inserts the molds that make the secondary plastic parts together. 

Among them, the outer soft rubber is commonly used as artificial rubber, TPU, TPR and other rubber materials, and the inside can be ABS, PC, PP, etc.

The disadvantage of the over-mold is that it is not suitable for injection molding precision double-material and multi-material injection molding products, the molding processing cycle is relatively long, and the production efficiency is lower than that of the 2k mold. 

The advantage is that it can be processed by a common injection molding machine, and the investment in equipment is relatively small.

The over-mold has both good and bad shortcomings, and it depends on the requirements and product structure.

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