The principles for standardized production of injection molds(2)


Then pay attention to the previous issue, high quality molds should also pay attention to:

1. The thimble adopts the HASCO or DME standard, which is determined by the mold technical requirements determined by the BOM or other official notice.

2. Processing water apron ("O" ring) groove, need to reserve a gap of 0.25mm on one side, the general apron should be pre-pressed 0.5-0.8mm. If you do not pay attention to this, the rubber ring is easily damaged by pressure. Dropped, causing water leaks.

3. The mouth is to be nitrided and needs to be resold. The radius of the mouth must meet the drawing requirements. The mouth is not nitrided and may have been injured before the mold.

4. The conventional structure mold must be arranged with the head, the two ends need to be flattened, the small mold is pre-pressed by 0.1mm, and the large mold is pre-pressed by 0.1mm-0.15mm.

5. The diameter of the positioning ring must conform to the drawing, and the form and position of the top joint must conform to the drawing.

6. For the specifications of the nozzle, please follow the BOM or the confirmed pattern. The nozzle counterbore must be processed and installed according to the mold. Drill holes must not be drilled, and sharp angles need to be chamfered.

7. Water must be labeled in1, out1, in2, out2...........

8. All the words on the mold must be neat, correct, and not to be twisted.

9. The mold needs to be installed on the four sides of the side lock (straight body lock). If the side lock cannot be installed, you need to install a taper lock or a cone lock. The taper lock should be installed sideways.

10. All screws and mold parts require standard parts, and the screw heads cannot be sawn off. The effective locking length of the screw must be sufficient, normally 1.5 or 2.

11. The hot mouth slot must be rounded to avoid scratching the wires.

12. Mount the hot mouth ID card on the side of the mold panel

13. Mold transfer acceptance: need to cooperate with the mold engineer to press the "mold check form" acceptance to pass the package.

14. Before the mold is transferred, the water pressure should be tested (100pa or more). After the water is accepted and accepted, the air gun should be used to blow the water clean.

15. The outer surface of the mold blank needs to be maintained during the manufacturing process to prevent rust and scratches. Before the mold is packaged, the inner mold needs to be sprayed with white/colorless rust inhibitor. All mold surfaces must be cleaned and then buttered.

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