Test questions of plastic injection molds (1)


The test is an essential part of the new mold before injection molding, or when the machine is replaced with other molds. The quality of the test results will directly affect whether the subsequent production of the factory is smooth or not.
So, what are the common problems in the mold test? Today we will take a detailed inventory for a reference.
1.Short molding: mainly due to insufficient feeding, poor filling flow and poor venting, etc., which cause the filling cavity to be dissatisfied, the shape of the plastic parts is incomplete or the cavity is not filled when the other cavity is filled.
2.Blister/bubble: residual gas in the plastic parts due to poor venting, and is a small volume or a series of holes on the part.
3.Unstable dimensions: mainly due to poor mold precision, unstable operation of the injection machine and unstable forming conditions, etc.
4.Flash: due to poor fitting, the gap is too large, too much feeding causes the plastic to extrude excess flakes along the edge.
5.Vacuum bubble: due to poor pressure feeding, uneven cooling of plastic parts, uneven wall thickness, etc.

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