Ten principles of mold design for P/L (2)


Let’s go on from last article about discussing the  principles of mold design for P/L.
6. Good to demoulding
The mold release mechanism of the general mold is in the movable mold, so the product should be left in the movable mold as much as possible when selecting the parting surface. Therefore, for some places where it is possible to stick to the fixed mold, we often add a fixed mold assisted demoulding mechanism.

7. Consider lateral mold opening distance
The distance of the general lateral mechanical mold opening is relatively small. Therefore, when selecting the parting surface, the direction of the core length should be selected in the direction of opening and closing of the cavity & core, and the short direction should be used as the lateral P/L.

8. Mold parts are easy to process
When selecting a parting surface, the mold should be divided into parts that are easy to machine, reducing the difficulty of machining.

9. Good to venting
When using the parting surface as the main venting, the parting surface should be designed at the end of the plastic flow to facilitate the venting.

10. R parting
For the design of many molds, there is a full circle of R angles at the parting surface. At this time, the parting of R is the best, and the sharp side cannot be seen.

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