Surface Lettering Method for Plastic Mold


We often see patterns and numbers on plastic parts, and these numbers varies for each part. How to engrave these numbers and patterns on these molds? there are mainly three common methods.

1) The first one is directly engraved on the mold by an engraving machine. This is usually used when the font or pattern is large. Usually this type of font usually has a knife mark on the surface and needs to be polished.

2) Laser engraving is the most common in small to medium sized molds. The laser leaves a mark on the mold. Usually this method is also called etching. The advantage of this method is that the speed is relatively fast, and it can be done right away, but the shortcomings are also obvious, and the traces left behind are relatively shallow.

3) The last one is to perform electrical discharge machining after the electrode is engraved. First, take an electrode in the place where the font is to be processed, and then engrave the electrode, and then discharge the electric pulse to the place where the electric pulse is processed. After the completion, the font will be left on the surface of the mold.

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