Procedures of Plastic Thermoforming


The basic process of hot thermoforming is: clamping, heating, molding, cooling, demoulding. Among them, molding is the most important and complex. 
Plastic thermoforming is mostly carried out on the moulding machine, which varies greatly with the different methods of thermoforming. Not all kinds of moulding machines are required to complete the above five processes, and it can be chosen according to actual production needs. 

① Clamping of materials. To prevent heat shrinkage and weight sag, using plastic sheet of a certain size to maintain the demoulding shape.

② Heating. The heating system heats the sheet to the temperature needed at a fixed time and temperature, which makes the material in a high elastic state and ensures the smooth progress of the next process.

③ Molding. It is the process of making the heated and softened sheet through the desired moulds and related devices.

④ Cooling system. The plastic parts with a certain temperature are cooled below the thermal deformation temperature, and they are solidified. After the demoulding device, the size is fixed and the molded parts are not deformed.

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