How to choose the mold steel for mirror polishing?


To make high quality mirror polishing on mold (cavity and core inserts, same as below), the requirement of mold surface polishing of mold is high, because this is the most important loop of mold manufacturing. 

The surface with roughness and corrugated grain is an abnormal phenomena in mirror polishing of molds. Generally, it is the the mold steel material, the polishing method, or the injection molding process that causes the issues.

For high-light parts, NAK80 is generally chosen as the mould material. This material is generally suitable for mirror polishing of high-light products.

If there are better requirements on plastic parts, if time or cost permits, S136 quenching treatment can be considered. The polishing effect of S136 will be much better.

SRAVAX is generally used as a special material for mobile phone molds or some precise electronic molds, as well as PLOMAX. The quality of these kinds of steel material is better, and the molding parts generally have higher quality and cost requirements.

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