Basic Design Principles for Gas Assisted Injection Mold(2)


Today we will go on to discuss the basic design principles for gas assisted injection mold
11. Accurate cavity size is very important.
12. The symmetrical cooling of various areas of the product is very important.
13. When using gate inlets, the balance of flow is important for uniform of gas penetration.
14. The exact amount of injection is very important, and the Injection volume error should not exceed 0.5% each time.
15. Making the overflow well at the final filling will promote the gas penetration, increase airway hollowing rate, eliminate hysteresis marks, and stabilize product quality. The addition of a valve gate between the cavity and the overflow well ensures that the final filling takes place in the overflow well. 
16. When the nozzle is inflated, the small gate prevents gas from flowing back into the runner.
17. The inlet gate can be placed at a thin wall area and kept at a distance of more than 30 mm from the inlet to avoid gas permeation and backflow.
18. The gas injection tap should be placed at a thick wall and located farthest from the last filling.
19. The direction of the gas outlet tap should be as consistent as possible with the flow direction.
20. Maintain the front of melt flow at a balanced speed while avoiding the formation of a V-shaped melt flow front.
21. When using a material shortage injection, the volume of the cavity that is not filled before the intake air is not more than half of the total volume of the airway.
22. When using full material injection, it should reference the pressure, specific volume and temperature relationship of the plastic, so that half of the total volume of the airway is equal to the volumetric shrinkage of the plastic in the cavity.

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