A Good Design for Mould Air Venting Groove


There will be some problems like insufficient filling, compressed air burning, high internal stress inside parts, flowing mark and welding line on surface when testing molds or production.
To solve or avoid these problems, we will adjust the injection moulding process first, and also consider the mould gate. When it is no problem for the injection moulding process and gate, the main way to solve this problem is to make mould air venting Grooves.

The main functions of the air venting are as follows:
1. Eliminate the air in the mould cavity when the mould is injected.
2. Eliminate all kinds of gases produced in the heating process of plastic compound.

Two points should be paid attention to when making the air venting grooves.
1. The size of the groove should prevent materials from overflowing into the slot while exhausting.
2. Prevent blockage of air venting groove.

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