10 factors that influence the quality of injection mold


Mold manufacturing is a complex process, from the design, processing, assembly, debugging and other steps, to the final actual use. In the whole life cycle, the factors affecting the quality of mold mainly have the following 10 aspects.

1. Mold steel is the decisive factor of mold quality thus the choice of reasonable steel is the top priority.
2. Reasonable mold structure can effectively extend the life of mold and ensure the smooth production of mold, improve efficiency and reduce cost.
3. Accurate and reasonable machining can ensure the stability and prolong the life of the mould in the production process.
4. Although standard parts do not directly participate in the molding, they control the operation of the entire mold.
5. Fitting mold can improve the problems of mold.
6. Polishing plays a helpful and complementary role in mold movement, especially in demoulding.
7. Mold assembly
8. Hot runner or cold runner
9. Good waterway design is particularly important, including waterway layout density, diameter, interconnection and so on.
10. Mold maintenance 

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